cvsauth is a wrapper for the CVS pserver method.
It allows you to run multiple repositories on one
CVS server without the typical security risk when
running pserver as root (Every CVS user can gain root

cvsauth allows you, as a system administrator, to add
or remove new CVS users to their repositories.
Adding new users is now the work of a well known systemadmin,
this is a major advantage for your system security!

CVS-AUTH and new SSL Authentication

One mayor drawbak is that :pserver transmits your password
in clear text. Every hacker with a sniffer program ,can
get access to your repository and (if he knows his stuff)
gets root in a few minutes.

Because of this cvsauth supports an ssl based authentication.
This means that the authentication (password/username/cvsroot)
is encrypted with a 1024 bit key. After that, cvsauth drops
encryption, and the "data" goes unencrypted.


This program is tested on Linux.
In order to build it you need flex/bison and STL.
These things are normally available on Linux system.

Distributions which works:

- SLG 2.0